Barrel Program



Our On-Premise Barrel Program has been very successful and is for the sophisticated wine maker who wants a full bodied robust wine, oaked in either an America or French barrel, if you desire. You can make wine from California Grapes or from Grape Juices to attain excellent quality and make wines that are full-bodied and bursting with flavour. This year you can also make wine from Juices imported from Italy such as Chianti or Amarone. Just follow the steps below and will make a great wine.


Choose the fresh grapes or grape juice that you want to ferment from our large assortment of inventory. This will depend on the sugar levels, the flavour of the grapes and the type of wine that you want to make. For example a preference for a light wine will require a grape or grape juice that contains approximately 22% to 23% sugar and will normally be fermented from 5 to 7 days.



You will be required to complete an on-premise contract. This contract will contain a price for the raw materials, a price for the services provided and the cost of any ingredients. An invoice is generated creating a tag number that will identify your batch and will be used to track your batch throughout the wine making process. The invoice is required to be paid in full prior to starting the wine making process.



Our clerk will call you when your wine is ready and will book a bottling appointment. If you have your own bottles, we recommend that to wash them at home, and sterilize them once you are at our on-premise facility. Once the wine is bottled it must be brought home.



Now it’s time to enjoy a great bottle of wine that you have handcrafted yourself, the traditional way.



All equipment is sterilized and the grapes are destemmed, ready for you to add yeast to the batch which starts the fermentation. If grape juice is used, it will be placed in a barrel or demijohn as per your request, ready for you to add yeast.



The batch will remain in fermentation until the specific gravity is below 1000. You may return to press the must (crushed grapes) and place the juice in a barrel or demijohns, the fermentation vessels. The wine will be racked periodically to remove sediment, allowing the wine to filter naturally. This may be completed 3 to 4 times before you can bottle your wine and may take up to one year.