The Borrelli Italian Grape Juices are made from 100% fresh grapes and are of outstanding quality. For those of you that would like to make a great wine with the help of our services, please inquire about the on-premise wine making from our premium juices for an additional $55 per batch.

     • Ready in 8 weeks

     • Makes 30 bottles (750ml) per batch

 Juices come with: Sterile Juice Bag, Yeast, Potassium Metabisulphite, Kieselsol & Chitosan, Potassium Sorbate. With Select Juice: Dried Raisins, Oak Chips, Wine Conditioner

On-Premise winemaking is an additional $55 per batch.

Juice Pails starting at $112. Call for Pricing

 – Red – 


   This wine has a warm taste, matching its ruby colour, and beautiful traces of mulberries and plums. Deeper flavours include black cherries and chocolate.



   Merlot is a well rounded low-medium acidity wine with plenty of options for pairing. It’s complex flavour and smooth mouthfeel make it extremely versatile.


Chianovese ™ (Chianti)

   A very Dry wine tasting best with food. Ranging from light to full-bodied, it often has an aroma of cherries and even violets.



   A full and fruity wine with notes of plum and raspberries, and hints of smoky character.



   This very popular wine has a variety of rich, complex aromas with velvety flavours full of spices and fruit. In the nose, discover hints of raspberry and strawberry.



   This wine has a usually strong acidity that fades over time. If drank young, it may have a hint of bitterness, but it is truely perfected when aged.


Nero D’Alova

   “The most important red wine grape in Sicily” Literally “Black Grape of Avola” this wine is dark in colour and has sweet tannins with plum and peppery flavours. Dry and rounded, warm and full-bodied.


Valpovese (Valpolicella)

   A mix of varietals, this light-bodied wine is a beautiful ruby red. It has soft berry flavours and aroma of spice and cherries.


Amaronero ™ (Amarone)

   Amaronero™ is a deep, full-bodied red wine with dark tannic flavours that will wrap your senses in a variety of flowery, spicy and fruitful aromas. Patience is greatly rewarded as this win is great for aging.


 – White –  


   Great for oak aging this wine will create citrus and herb flavours. It’s refreshing and has a unique acidic flavour.


Pinot Grigio

   Pinot Grigio is light bodied with a refreshing crisp taste with notes of pepper.


Trebonnay (Soave)

   A unique blend of varietals make up this wine to create melon and orange zest flavours. Improves well when aged.


All wines may not be in stock. Feel free to call to make sure your favourite variety is available.