Sparkolloid Clarifying Agent 30 gr


Sparkolloid powder is a very popular and preferred clarifying agent for many winemakers. It has a positive static charge which allows it to drag negatively charged particles to the bottom of a carboy or demijohn. It can be used on its own for white & rose wines to create brilliant clarity. For reds we suggest first using bentonite and then adding sparkolloid as a follow up ingredient.

How to use: Before adding this ingredient make sure to siphon the wine off any sediment. Add 1 tbsp of sparkolloid for every 6 gallons (23 lt) of wine. Make sure to dissolve the sparkolloid in 1 cup of boiling water for 5 minutes before gently mixing it into your batch of wine. Let sit for 2 weeks, or until it has cleared, before siphoning wine again.