Ferment on Premise

We are a licensed ferment-on-premise establishment that crafts small batches of wine from scratch for individual customers. Making your own wine with us is simple and only requires two small steps, adding the yeast to start the fermentation and coming back to bottle your wine. Our professional wine makers to the rest!

At Borrelli Wines Ltd., we try to make your wine making experience as worry free as possible. If you are an inexperienced winemaker, not properly equipped, or just don’t have the time to rack, and filter your own wine, allow us to assist you in your winemaking endeavour. For an additional $55 facility charge per batch we will rack and filter your wine all while providing the proper environment and the facilities for winemaking. All you need to do is start the fermentation process by dropping the yeast into your batch and bottling your wine when it is finished. When your bottling appointment has arrived, you simply bring in your bottles or purchase them in store and use our automated equipment to bottle, cork, and accessorize your bottles with shrink caps and labels (including custom designs for a fee). Making wine couldn’t be any easier!

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Wine Online

Wine Online allows customers to browse through all of our available wines and purchase right from the comfort of their own home. Once the purchase has been completed you will receive an email to make an appointment to come in and drop the yeast, this will officially start the fermentation. When your wine is ready you will receive another email to bottle the wine.

Fresh Juices & Grapes

We have Vin Bon’s premium fresh grape juices available all year round, as well as our own private collection of Borrelli juices directly from California & Italy. If you are interested in crafting your wine from fresh grapes, every September we import the finest grapes from vineyards in Lodi, Napa & Sonoma.

Every September marks the beginning of another grape season, a limited time when grapes imported directly from California are sold to customers who have a passion for winemaking. Buy them by the case or utilize our Italian-made grape presser (results in grape juice only) and destemmer (results in grape juice along with skins and seeds) and make 100% California grape juice. We also rent out electric grape grinders for those who wish to do it themselves at home. September looks promising, so keep an eye out for the first shipment and look for an updated price list and a grape varietal list on our website at the end of August.

Crush Service

Not only do we provide fresh grapes from California, we also provide state of the art Italian wine-making equipment to properly destem and press your grapes. Our machines run every day during the grape season and are essential to making world class wines.

Home Wine Making Supply

Many customers have taken up the hobby of wine making and prefer to craft at home. We take pride in providing all necessary products, supplies, ingredients, and equipment to our local home vintners. Check out our online shop or come by the store today!

Barrel Program

Our On-Premise Barrel Program has been very successful and is for the sophisticated wine maker who wants a full bodied robust wine oaked in either an America or French barrel, if you desire. You can make wine from California Grapes or from Grape Juices to attain excellent quality and make wines that are full-bodied and bursting with flavour. This year you can also make wine from Juices imported from Italy such as Chianti or Amarone. Just follow the steps below and will make a great wine.

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Accessories & Gifts

Looking for something for someone special who loves wine? Planning a big wedding? We have a variety of unique items that will make perfect gifts or additions to your special events.