Notice to person making wine: By law the licensee / vendor is obligated to inform you that the wine resulting from this agreement is for your personal use only.

In interested of brevity, the word “wine” is taken to mean wine or beer.

By law the licensee/vendor including its employees or agents may do the following:

  • Add finings or stabilizing agents to the customer’s other ingredients (3)(1)(a)(I)
  • Operate equipment to filter the customer’s ingredients (3)(1)(a)(II)
  • Rack the customer’s wine (3)(1)(a)(III)

By law the licensee / vendor may not do the following:

  • Deliver the customer’s wine (5)(1)(b)
  • Store or permit storage on the licensed premises of wine that has been placed in a container (5)(1)(c)
  • ‘Container’ bottle, can, cask, any other receptacle into which wine may be placed following the completion of the fermentation process (1)
  • Remove / permit removal of fermentation vessels being used to make wine from the licensed premises (5)(1)(d)
  • Place or allow placement of customer’s ingredients into fermentation vessel that contains ingredients belonging to another customer (5)(4)

By law the customer is required to do the following:

  • Combine / mix their juice, juice concentrate with their ingredients they wish to add (3)(1)(b)
  • Add to their raw material any yeast or enzymes required to begin the fermentation (3)(1)(c)
  • Place their wine in containers (3)(1)(d)
  • Label, cork, shrink wrap or package their wine (3)(1)(e)
  • Remove their wine from the licensed premises immediately after it is placed in containers (3)(1)(f)