Ice wine is a special variety of wine that is also known as a dessert wine. It is very sweet and is made from pure grape juice, but it differs from regular grape juice in that it is squeezed from frozen grapes which extracts an even sweeter juice with a higher concentration of sugar. Click below to see what we have to offer.

   The accidental discovery of Ice wine dates back to the last part of 1700 in Germany. Due to a cool summer and unexceptionally cold winter, wine producers created Ice wine by pressing juice from frozen grapes. The result was quite impressive. The first Canadian Ice wine was produced in the 1970’s. A combination of pioneer spirit, high quality, strict selection of the grapes and human skills has now ensured Canada Ice wine a place on the world wine scene. Advintage Distribution Ice wine styles are elegant, opulent and intense wines made with the same dedication and passion to celebrate the old winemaking tradition. Ice wine styles are great young. They should be served at a temperature around 12°C.

   • Ready in 8 weeks

   • Makes 30 bottles (375ml) per batch on premise

   • Make for as low as $120.00+ a batch

   • Sherry and Pinot Noir Late Harvest are available upon request.

On-Premise winemaking is an additional $55 per batch.


   Cabernet Franc – 10Lt – $99

This luscious sweet wine made of Cabernet Franc shows an appealing medium intense ruby red colour. Deep and alluring raspberry aromas, accented with refined notes of strawberry, it gains intensity while swirling. To the taste, an explosion of power and elegance evokes the nose. Luscious ripe red fruits and rhubarb complemented by a touch of delicatespice to it’s lengthy finish. Full bodied and syrup like texture with a gentle sharp citrus taste that adds structure. Serve slightly chilled (10°) with fresh fruits, chocolate mousse or caramelized desserts like crème brulée. Perfect savoured on it’s own. 


   White Riesling – 10Lt – $99

Made from the finest Riesling blends this is a brilliant bright-gold wine with greenish hues. Remarkable subtle apricot and peach aromas open up to ripe fruits, grapefruit and lemon marmalade. The flavours are an explosion of pineapple and honey. Sweet and medium bodied, unctuous in texture and rich, it’s gentle acidity builds structure in a long finish. Serve chilled at 8-10°C. Unique when consumed only as a sipping wine, it is also great with foie gras or blue venied cheeses.