French Medium Toasted Large Oak Chips 100 gr


Medium toasted French oak chips bring aromatic sweetness, full mouth feel, and notes of fresh fruit, cinnamon, caramel, and allspice. Look for undertones of creme brulee, fresh roasted coffee and subtle smokiness. Crafted from air-dried oak staves and fire-toasted by expert coopers in California, oak chips allow winemakers to impart terrific oak flavor and aroma to wines aged in glass carboys, plastic buckets, or steel tanks. This toast is bold yet balanced and works well with full bodied wines.

How to use: We recommend adding 100 gr per 5 gallons, this will impart a strong oak flavour. Depending on the wine maker’s preference more or less can be added. The oak chips should be left on the wine during the aging period. Leave wine in contact with the oak chips for a minimum of two to three months for best results. We  also recommend using a muslin bag to contain the oak chips while soaking in your wine for easy removal and ease of transferring.