Potassium Sorbate 30 gr


Potassium sorbate is used as a wine stabilizer and added to finished wine to reduce the possibility of re-fermentation. It is strongly recommended that wine stabilizer be used in any wine you intend to sweeten or any wine that is still sweet after the fermentation is complete. Potassium sorbate should be used after the addition of campden tablets or potassium metabisulfite.

How to use: Add the potassium sorbate to your wine prior to bottling. First, dissolve it in a small portion of wine, then stir the mixture thoroughly throughout the entire batch. If you do not intend to sweeten your wine, use ¼ teaspoon per each gallon of wine. If you do intend to sweeten your wine or if the wine tastes sweet, use ½ teaspoon per each gallon of wine. Never add more than ½ teaspoon per each gallon of wine.